Psychic Medium in Perth, WA

Born in the city of Manchester in the UK, I came to live in Perth, Western Australia with my family in 2004. I am currently based in Perth Hills.

My gifts of seeing and hearing Spirit, and simply 'knowing', have been passed down my family line from my Welsh Great Grandmother Lucy and her mother before her. This has allowed me the privilege of providing comfort to others by communicating messages from their loved ones in Spirit. Please check my Readings page for more about how I can help you.

As a child I was curious about death and where people go when they die; I knew we couldn’t just cease to be. My earliest memory of seeing and talking to Spirit was when I was three and over the years many relatives and friends in Spirit have often dropped by; with messages for others and sometimes just to sit with me.

Aged seven my best friend Julie passed away and teachers in my primary school explained that we would never see Julie again. I was totally astounded at this news as Julie still sat at her desk laughing and waving to me. It was a time of sudden realization for me.. that I was different.

I was gifted my first set of Tarot cards aged eight. Reading the cards had a natural feel; the textbook meaning didn’t apply as my information arrived inspired by Spirit. During readings now I tend not to use the cards however information, inspired by Spirit, continues to flow providing such profound clarity, inspiration, and support for people at a crossroads in their lives needing to make decisions about their future.

My years working as a Registered Nurse, both general and mental health, were 'very interesting' with my simply knowing when patients were about to transition to Spirit and trying to unite them with family before this occurred. I have also received words and gestures of thanks from many patients in Spirit, which has been very special.

I have twenty years experience as a qualified Teacher / Lecturer and for the past three have been teaching others how to unlock their own intuitive and spiritual potential. I facilitate workshops, 1-to-1 mentoring and a fortnightly Psychic and Mediumship Development Circle. I was recently appointed as a Tutor for the Spiritualists' National Union, UK.

Providing a supportive and nurturing environment sprinkled with humour is the best recipe for creating a little magic and watching people grow to be the best they can be. If this is something you are interested in then please contact me.

Education and memberships:

Carole Ann Psychic Medium in Perth, Australia
  • Intuitive Psychic and Spiritual Medium
  • Tutor - Spiritualists' National Union, UK
  • Spiritualists' National Union active full member
  • Reiki Master Practitioner
  • Teacher - Graduate Diploma in Education and Cert IV Training & Assessment
  • Registered Nurse AHPRA
  • Counselling – Diploma
  • Psychology – BSc(HONS) and MSc
  • Business Administration - Diploma
  • Afterlife Research & Education Institute, Inc member
  • Natural Healer Society member