A mediumship session is all about communing with loved ones and friends in the Spirit world. Your appointment is Spirit led and may consist of more than one person in Spirit making a connection.

I cannot choose who will come through during your session; the Spirit person will be someone you know but may not always be someone you might expect. I have found that if you bring along a photograph of the person you wish to hear from then that certainly can help the process.

To enjoy this communication it is essential to create the right conditions.. the more open and accepting we are the better the communication will be. Come along with an open mind and heart and allow the experience of Spirit communication to unfold and amaze.

I practice evidential mediumship which means I endeavour to seek messages with verifiable evidence of your loved ones' existence in the afterlife. Each reading experience is different just as we are each unique.

Your session will last for approximately 45 minutes and I am happy for you to record it on your mobile phone.

Private reading investment - $100 AUD.

Book a reading with Carole Ann by sending her a message here.

"Meeting with Carole Ann was a blessing; she is a truly gifted soul who is incredibly accurate with her readings. Bringing a loved one through in spirit and relaying the things she did has brought me a sense of peace which I don't think I would have found without her help. I'm more than happy to recommend Carole Ann to anyone interested in having a reading and have already started doing so! Thank you so much for everything xx"

Nisa, Innaloo, Western Australia

When I conduct an intuitve reading I am inspired by Spirit to provide the information and it may actually feel more like a soul coaching session. It is intended that you will receive clarity, inspiration, guidance and often confirmation for the following months and maybe further into the future. It could also assist in defining your life purpose so allowing growth and fulfillment as you travel forwards on your journey.

During the reading I see images and symbols and often hear words that are meaningful for you. I regularly see images of bodily-parts or sense specific emotions or dis-ease, which is how Spirit has chosen to work with me; probably having it's foundations in my lifelong career in nursing, both general and mental health. You are encouraged to bring photographs to your reading.

Please bear in mind that you do have your own free will to make the changes in your life that you see fit to make.

Private reading investment - $100 AUD.

Book a reading with Carole Ann by sending her a message here.

"I have had a most pleasurable experience with a reading from Carole Ann, it was truly amazing to say the least. Her accuracy in describing family members, their personalities and problems, left me in no doubt about the brilliance of her uncanny ability. I would also like to say that l would recommend this kind, gentle and compassionate woman to anyone requiring a reading etc. Thank you once again Carole you are a lovely lady. "

Graeme, Airlie Beach, Queensland