Psychic Medium in Perth, Western Australia

"I recently met with Carole Ann to get some clarity in regards to messages I felt I was receiving from the other side but couldn't make sense of. I went looking for some guidance in my life and I also hoped to make contact with my grandmother who had passed over 20 years ago, but who I was very close with.

I definitely got more than I asked for. Not only did Carole Ann clarify the messages, but she hit the nail on the head with absolutely everything. I was so happy my grandma came through for me. I knew it was definitely her as Carole Ann validated everything for me. It was truly powerful.

Carole Ann put me instantly at ease. I never felt like I was on a timer and she asked me repeatedly what questions did I have. I didn't want the session to end.

I can't recommend this lovely lady enough!"

Jasmine, Swan View, Western Australia

"I've had a total of four Mediumship readings from Carole up to now. I'm also a member of her Mediumship Development Circle and have been attending for nearly two years now. I've been so excited to attend each time and feel so humbled by my development and that the Spirit world will work with me.

Each of my readings with Carole have amazed and comforted me. The evidence of survival has helped me to understand that we never truly die. My old pet horse from childhood even popped his head in during one reading, which was so lovely. My dear mother-in-law came through during a reading and Carole said she felt strongly that I should be known as her daughter. This meant so much to me as she often told me I was her daughter and she loved me.

In another reading a neighbour from my childhood came through and so did the bread man who brought much needed bread to our house after my Dad had passed away. The neighbour had organised the bread man to deliver too! Then my Dad came through and said 'it takes a village to raise a child'. It all made sense to me, and lots of faces of people from my childhood popped up into my minds eye. I had thought I was alone but my Dad reminded me that I had so many people watching out for me.

In my most recent reading just after my Mum had passed…Mum came through and described how I did her makeup and hair in the funeral home. Carole absolutely nailed it when she told me I had applied the lipstick so carefully and wasn't happy until it was on perfectly and Mum thanked me for doing it so well as she never wore lippy. No one would ever know that! There was another occasion too when Dad popped his head into the reading laughing and saying 'she got that from me you know'.. as Mum always said I was 'just like my father'.

Another special memory of a reading was when Carole described how my Pa had sent so much love through that it made her feel very emotional and I cried because I knew. We loved each other very much. Carole's readings have brought me sooo much comfort to know that my loved ones are together again and are still a part of my life. She is extremely accurate, honest with a hint of humour and respectful. I feel so much love & peace following a reading with Carole. I have already referred many people to her and will continue to do so. I would highly recommend anyone have a reading with her.

I have always believed in Mediumship. I had my first reading aged 18, some 30-odd years ago. I can say with hand on heart Carole is by far the Best Medium I have ever had read for me and I am so blown away by her accuracy each time. I feel blessed that Spirit has guided me to Carole."

Sharon, Lesmurdie, Western Australia

"I had my first ever Mediumship reading with Carole recently. I was sceptical at first and a bit nervous too however Carole explained everything, which put me at ease.

Carole accurately described my sister who has only recently passed away. Carole then described the green dress my sister had bought especially to be buried in and told me to tell my mum that she was wearing it now. I had no idea that my sister wasn't able to be buried wearing the dress however it had been placed in her casket. We were so very comforted to hear this and so was my Mum.

Carole also asked me to pass on a message to my mum, which we later discovered was a prearranged "code word" for Mum to reassure her that my sister was fine and had safely arrived in Heaven! This was such a big comfort to us all and very uplifting for Mum.

I was amazed to learn that my sister was still around me as Carole repeated a conversation I'd had with my wife on the way for my reading. She also recounted something I'd done at work a few days before counting coins into piles.

Carole went on to tell me that my Dad also popped in to say he still had a full head of hair. It was only afterwards that we discovered that Mum and my Auntie whilst looking at old photos were wondering what his hair would be like now in Heaven.

There were lots of other messages besides. It's such amazing reassurance and a great comfort that my sister is still with us, and my dad too.

I would highly recommend a session with Carole.
Thank you Carole."

Ryan, Jindalee, Western Australia

"I first went to Carole 3 years ago, Carole told me she had a premonition that she would be helping someone who had a son with special needs, that was me!

She asked how I felt about her bringing through a spirit person, I felt a bit nervous about it at first but once she described to perfection my grandmother, I had a real sense of peace come straight over me.

Her predictions for my son's future were 100% accurate! I have had to fight many battles on his behalf using Carole as my guide and mentor, she has given me the confidence to never give up! I now see Carole once a year and our connection gets stronger every time I go.

I would recommend Carole to anyone needing guidance in their life, she is warm and welcoming and has a great sense of humour!"

Bev, Swan Valley, Western Australia

"Over the last two years I have been privileged to have three readings from Carole Ann! My first experience was at a psychic fair! I was drawn to her warmth after surveying at least 30 others!

She exceeded all expectations, as I was in the middle of a very desperate situation regarding a guardianship issue, which was urgently needing resolution, and I was given very specific information and direction which was crucial in my eventual success! My second encounter with Carole Ann was like old friends; she is warm and honest! This time I needed direction in a family issue, her advice helped me through this important situation. Thirdly I had a very real dream that troubled me and I was able to understand it through her knowledge and spiritual ability! Carole Ann is a warm and caring person, who is very wise.."

Carol, Mirrabooka, Western Australia

"Upon arrival, Carole was warm and welcoming, which put us at ease. We were a little apprehensive regarding spiritual readings and had decided to not 'give up' any information, but to wait and see what was said. To start, we felt some of the things said to be very 'generic', however Carole then imparted specific information that could only be known to us and departed love ones.

Such an amazing experience where we came away feeling enriched and comforted. I would strongly recommend a spiritual reading with Carole, even if unsure (as we were), I say give it a go, you might be pleasantly surprised."

Cheryl, Sydney, New South Wales & Debbie, Spencers Brook, Western Australia

"Intriguing and fascinating. Worth the experience."

Catherine, Duncraig, Western Australia

"Everything made sense, it was great feedback for me. Carole told me things that were useful and exact. I will book another longer session with her."

Laura, Carramar, Western Australia

"I attended one of Carole's Psychic and Mediumship Development Workshops and I continue to attend Carole's psychic/mediumship circles on a regular basis. I find Carole to be an authentic and genuine experienced professional in her field.

Carole's caring nature makes you feel completely at ease during her teachings and she always ensures there are plenty of giggles in between all the practice. I have grown so much both personally and professionally by attending Carole's workshops and have especially appreciated learning how to conduct readings ethically and respectfully. Thank you Carole, I look forward to our next circle."

Ellen, Kalamunda, Western Australia

"Wow! What an eye opening experience. Carole Ann described my loved one so accurately, and gave me the answers I needed. I left feeling a lot lighter and comforted. Thank you so much Carole Ann!"

Mikaela, West Perth, Western Australia

"Carole, it's all amazing. Thanks so much. You've provoked a lot of thought. Thanks again."

Robert, Manchester, United Kingdom

"I wanted to share with people my experience after losing my husband of 27 years to a rare cancer, Multiple Myeloma. We have been together since we were 15 and I always had such a connection with him. He was my soul mate, best friend and partner in crime. We had a rough ending to his battle after 18 months and I felt I did not get to say goodbye and I have a massive hole in my heart that I was finding myself at times panicky with the feelings of needing to see him. After a month I decided to see Carole Ann, finding her through a Google search.

When I arrived Carole Ann immediately told me of the night before that she had experienced a nervous excitement and could not attribute it to anything in particular (my hubby was an energetic positive person even through treatment). Then she told me that morning she was awoken by a Spirit Person at 6am with the same sense of excitement and energy. The Spirit Person that I now believe to be my husband was very persistent in trying to get a message through.

At first Carole Ann mentioned a message of 'melanoma' (skin cancer). Then, she told me that my husband had urged her to Google (typical of him) a disease and she wrote down in front of me "MM". At first when she asked about the letters I was a bit perplexed thinking his initials would be shown. Then she asked me if it was Multiple Myeloma that he passed from. I totally lost it. I am blown away. I know that my husband would have known in asking her to research it I would have been much more accepting that it was him. To bring up his disease being a rare cancer just stopped me in my tracks. I really felt him then.

She mentioned he was proud of a study (room) and mentioned school in that sentence. Only a few days earlier I had changed the kids home-schooling study room into a games room for them. It was a big deal as my husband was the tech man and I had to move computers and plug in games consoles. I felt a bit weird as I was changing something he had recently set up. She told me that she could see him typing with lots of cables and tech surrounding him. He was such a technology person and always had the latest devices. He loved programming things and worked a lot of hours on his computers although this was not his job. She asked if he fixed things.. he was a mechanical engineer!

Carole Ann said that his messages would come in the form of tech messages like when you send a text and read it back and have no idea that you typed what you did. I have had some weird text experiences where I supposedly have sent people texts but have no recollection of it.

The whole experience has taken me out of a dark cloud where I put on a fake smile for my kids and walked around in a daze, day in and day out. Just barely existing. Continuing on for my kids. Being strong as he had asked. I now feel a sense of happiness that I can get through as although I can't see him, I still have my partner with me. Carole Ann told me he will persist in trying to come to me in dreams even though through sadness I can't see him yet. I have a sense of excitement for he is waiting for me. I am not going to try to get to him earlier but know when it is my time I can look forward to being with him again. I can't tell you what this means.

I have been as open and honest as I hope people going through similar things will open their minds to the possibility of communication if they had strong connections with loved ones. She did say it was unusual for it to happen so soon after so I feel like he is listening and understood I needed to hear from him to continue and to be able to function. I live now knowing he is with me but out of sight. It's a comfort that is hard to explain. Thanks again, I can smile."

Sandra, Bullsbrook, Western Australia

Toodyay, Western Australia

"I had Carole Ann at my home yesterday for a group of ladies. I have had a lot of readings done but must say Carole is a very gifted person with telling each of us information that only a genuine gifted person could. Speaking to and hearing of what the ladies are sharing with others she will be back up in no time. Still buzzing today!"

"Thank you Carole Ann, you gave me peace of mind, I feel great today."

"Thanks Carole Ann, you are amazing!!!"

"Perfectly in tune and in such depth, eye opening experience."

Kathleen, Hillarys, Western Australia

"Amazing lady and wonderful reader, very accurate."

Rebecca, Cannington, Western Australia

"Being a skeptic, I was concerned what information I would be given. To my delight Carole Ann relayed facts that only very close family members knew about. Her accuracy in reliving some memories was absolutely uncanny. I would be happy to recommend a reading with Carole Ann to anyone considering one."

Yvette, Guildford, Western Australia

"You brought my father in spirit through and described him so well - how he liked others to see him, his favourite food, his love of the water and all as only we would know. I laughed and cried. I am both amazed and comforted to know he is close. Thank you."

Kylie, Midland, Western Australia

"Carole’s reading was extremely accurate, bringing through very close family and friends and making me feel they were still close to me.

Her description of my loved one, his personality and wonderful humour was so uncanny and gave me proof it certainly was him. She described an area in Ireland with a house now tumbled so precisely that looking at a photograph afterwards we were both really amazed.

I was nervous at first but she reassured me and was compassionate and professional at all times. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending her to anyone who wants to have a reading and hear from a loved one. Thank you Carole XXX"

Ashley, Pearsall, Western Australia